Welcome to "Triacon" site

Our company's activity deals with business and science because their development is impossible one without another. We analyze and investigate the most recent achievements and developments in different spheres of human thought and activity, and we aim at combining them. We base our activity on close contact with scientists and specialists in different branches of science and engineering on one side, and interested organizations all over the world on the other side.  We work for providing creation, development and control of complex multinational projects. 

Our goal:

To keep an eye on technologies in different branches of science, engineering and business.

To develop new services and products based on the most recent achievements of science.

To inform scientists, specialists, business managers on new knowledge by conferences, schools, seminars.

To take part in development and co-ordination of international scientific research and applied projects.

Our mission:

Implementation of the best scientific-engineering projects into business: S2B (Science to Business - technologies) to develop business and obtaining additional support of scientific researches.

Implementation of the best business methodologies into science: B2S (Business to Science - technologies) to teach scientists "to sell" the results of their work.


Our partners

Energorisk, L.T.D.

Russian - American Scientific Journal
"Actual problems of aviation and aerospace systems.
Processes, models, experiment"